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Services and Fees

I offer both individual Guided Focusing sessions and individual Focusing-Oriented Counseling. Both approaches provide a gentle introduction to the Focusing process. You don't need to know Focusing, as I will guide you through. As we work together, in a partnership which supports your self-exploration, your body begins to "learn" the steps of Focusing which bring forward movement and real change.

Individual Guided Focusing Sessions

Individual Guided Focusing sessions are scheduled for an hour and a half, and offer an introduction to the Focusing process and plenty of personalized attention. This is an excellent way to work on issues of concern, deepen self-awareness, tackle important decisions, or simply explore what most wants your attention.

Focusing Oriented Counseling'

Focusing Oriented Counseling sessions are normally one hour in length and we meet on a weekly basis. This work offers a greater level of individual support and facilitates a deeper, more compassionate self-awareness.


Individual Guided Focusing 

I charge $125 for a 1.5 hour session

Additional time is billed in quarter and half hour increments.

Individual Focusing-Oriented Counseling 

I offer a sliding scale, based on client self-report. Rates range from $65 to $120 per hour

Additional time is billed at quarter and half hour increments.

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