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Welcome to Centering In!

"Using the Focusing Process to Facilitate Change."

Are you ready for change?

Is there something holding you back?

If you are committed to your own growth and

want to move forward in your life ...

If you want to have a deeper sense of clarity

about who you are ...

If you would like to tame a nagging

inner critic with a long list of "shoulds" ...

If you know you have something to say,

and gifts worth bringing into the world ...

Then come and Center In with me!

Experience Focusing, a powerful body/mind/spirit process

which can transform your relationship to yourself and your

interactions with others.

Do you find it hard to make big decisions? Do you wrestle with

even small decisions and find yourself resisting change? Or are you one

of those people who often finds a big gap between what you think

and how you feel? Wouldn't it be wonderful to simply "know"

what you feel and what is "just right" for you, and to be able to trust

your bodily felt sense of a situation? Perhaps you are filled with nagging

self-doubt and inner criticism. Or perhaps you find yourself feeling

stuck and tired, and long to move gracefully and confidently past

those unconscious internal blocks to action or creativity?

With Focusing, you can begin to change these old patterns at last!

What makes the desert beautiful is that

somewhere it hides a well.

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~

The Little Prince

"Self-acceptance is not something you tell yourself to have.

It's something you experience when you discover that

you can pay attention to your innermost feelings and desires

with care and compassion. You can also pay attention

in the same way to feelings you block because they

cause you pain, and to the parts of you that you think are

unacceptable. Then these aspects of yourself can be

welcomed back into your conscious self with the

life-giving messages they are holding for you."

~Helene G. Brenner~

I Know I'm In There Somewhere

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